A floral gift for Mothering Sunday 2023

This year, Mothering Sunday falls particularly early on the 19th March. Until a week ago, we thought that this would be the start of our cut flower season, early narcissus in flower, soon to be followed by anemones, daffodil, all sorts of Spring blossoms, hellebores and early tulips. How wrong could we be!

With temperatures barely reaching 3 degrees in the last ten days, the fresh cut flowers are on hold and the few Spring posies are just not enough to satisfy demand.

Panic not!!

Resourceful as ever, Meg has stuck to her principles and not bought in Spring blooms from Cornwall, tempting as it was because they are lovely, but instead is creating beautiful posies of dried flowers with the promise of a seasonal bouquet of flowers to follow for Easter, in the height of Summer or the Autumn.

"A Posy and a Promise" - a beautiful posy of elegant dried flowers, cut and dried at Roots throughout the 2022 fresh season with a gift voucher attached to the value of one of our luxury bouquets in season.  The lucky recipient will receive a voucher, attached to the posy, with a code to redeem their promise in our online shop between April and November.

If we can think a little bit outside the box, question the sustainability of our purchases, celebrate the local, the seasonal, together we can go along way towards protecting our environment.

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