Colours, Scent and Beauty

The Flower Field at Roots Family Farm Shop

Flowers have always been ‘in the air’ at Roots. Sweet peas in the early days and now as a result of several years planning, a flower field that between February and October, provides a seasonal range of cut flowers to fill our customers’ homes with colour and scent.

We cut and condition our flowers to order so that they give our customers the longest time in their vases at home. With that in mind, if you would like to order a bucket, bouquet or bunch, it is a good idea to give us a call Tel. 01905 421104 to reserve flowers to collect at a convenient time.

We also grow a lovely range of foliage and as our flower fields grow, we are beginning to develop a larger gathered range from our home farm.

We are happy to supply our 'Buckets’, mixed flowers and foliage ideal for parties and small events in your home. These are curated buckets on a theme of colour, with a selection of shapes and textures, reflecting what is available from the field at that moment in time.

Enthusiastic member of 'Flowers From the Farm,' Meg enjoys nothing more than a get together with her flowery friends. This means that we are connected to a nationwide movement of artisan growers, florists and designers who have pledged a commitment to promote British seasonal flowers and foliage.

NEWS FLASH! 15th February 2021

Meg is announced as new Co-chair of Flowers from the Farm. Honorary President and Founder Gill Hodgson said " can meet her on where she introduced herself just last week: have a read now, it's a lovely piece. With Meg and Carole at the helm, you're in good hands."