A posy and a promise ...

A late start to the British flower season for artisan growers means a smaller selection of garden flowers are available right now for Mothering Sunday, but not to disappoint, Meg is preparing elegant posies with blossom, hyacinths, hellebores, the first of the seasons tulips and bursting Spring foliage. And these posies come with the promise of a bouquet of flowers to follow, for Easter, for Mid-summer or the bountiful Autumn.

The combination of a smaller posy now and a bouquet of flowers to follow is a response to our goal of supplying only flowers grown right here in Rushwick. These are the most sustainable flowers you can buy.

So lets roll with the seasons and make a commitment now to the future of our planet by being just a little less demanding. Enjoying just what nature provides in the moment, a posy of scented, early Spring flowers, will delight with a promise of more to come.