"COOK" - an outstanding range of ready prepared, frozen meals

20 Mar


Available at Roots and for home delivery. Our friends at ‘COOK’ have provided Roots with an outstanding range of ready prepared, frozen meals for nearly 15 years. We met them through friends in Haslemere, Surrey and admired their food from afar for a couple of years before we finally persuaded them to let us sell their food in our shop as a ‘concession’, one of their first. Well known throughout South East England for their own stores, this was a big step. Great ingredients and home-cooking techniques means that all their food looks and tastes homemade. 

That’s the point, food as you would make it at home, which is exactly what appeals to us when we need a night off cooking from scratch ourselves. 

They COOK so we don’t have to :)

As with all good people and good businesses, they are now starting to realise their dream of creating a food business that is also a force for good in society and have achieved many goals and accolades for their excellent work. They are nice people too. 

See the range of COOK meals that we offer at Roots COOK-LIST  (Prices will follow shortly)

If you would like to order these with your shopping for collection or delivery they will be delivered in a cold box, but must remain frozen until they are to be cooked.