30 May

We have polished the bus, organised the glasshouse, warmed up the wood oven and prepared an exciting new menu with old favourites and new treats. We have spent the winter exploring new and delicious accompaniments for our pizza, along with authentic Italian toppings from our recent visits to Emilia Romagna, you will see influences of this fantastic region that we adore!

We have been busy growing delicious salads and new varieties of basil to add an extra flourish of flavour.

Our team will greet and seat you then introduce the evenings menu. We will ask you to make your order, and while you enjoy an aperitif and maybe some antipasti on a sharing platter or freshly baked focaccia, we will prepare and bake your pizza to order.

Freshly prepared pizza, as our customers know, is traditional Italian ‘Fast Food’ but as any self-respecting pizziaola knows, this is fast, within the timescale of stretching, shaping, topping and baking something so deliciously hand made. Our guests enjoy this time to relax with their families and friends. We are always happy to provide activities for children to do with their families at the table, or maybe challenge each other to a game in the courtyard.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate, please do let us know. We are very happy to accommodate your needs. Arrangements can also be made for larger parties, reserving a bus deck or larger tables. A non-refundable deposit is taken at the time of booking, we usually request a pre-booked pizza order from our menu.