Funeral Flowers 2024

Flowers for a Funeral

The tribute of flowers for a loved one, a family member, a friend, is one which deserves the care and attention that comes from a bespoke, personal arrangement.

Meg arranges our funeral flowers personally. A process that begins with listening to our customers to hear about the individual, their passions, their personality, likes and dislikes and results in a unique presentation of seasonal British flowers and foliage.

Some customers enjoy the opportunity to see the flowers in our gardens, giving them inspiration, others will talk about colour, scent and texture to identify the most appropriate design. These are always bespoke, but please do look at our gallery to help you with ideas.

Flower sourcing

Passionate about providing a natural, sustainable arrangement we prefer to use predominantly organic flowers and foliage from our own farm. In the winter months, when fresh flowers are in short supply, we can work with wonderfully colourful flowers that we have cut and dried in the summer months. We will source flowers from other local growers or larger British commercial growers if that is what you require.

Compostable arrangements

We will not compromise on this - all our arrangements are set in fully compostable, natural materials, using a technique we refer to as 'sustainable mechanics'. In the main this includes chestnut and hazel sticks, swirls of birch or cobnut. If shape is required this is woven with willow grown on the farm, moss is gathered, fully compostable cardboard is sometimes used to give a base to larger arrangements.

The Farewell Flowers Directory

We are delighted to be members of The Farewell Flowers Directory. A new directory of florists from across the UK who are offering British, seasonal flowers created in compostable arrangements. This directory provides a connection between florists and customers who are looking for naturally beautiful, plastic free flowers and aims to change the world of funeral flowers one arrangement at a time.