Lockdown Layers

Our laying hens at Roots have been experiencing their own ‘lockdown’, well, more of a ‘lock-in’ really, ordered by the Government to remain indoors or in a covered environment to protect them from Avian Influenza which has been identified at several sites in the UK this winter.

Luckily, we have the large poly tunnel that our tomatoes grew in last year to house the hens. They have indeed been out of the worst of the wet weather, able to scratch, peck and dust bathe, but are now beginning to show their boredom. Hopefully a few more weeks and they will be able to get back to the pasture.

They do, of course, continue to lay the most delicious eggs; into boiling water for four minutes, drop the bread in the toaster just after the eggs go in the pan and it will all come together nicely!

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