Meg & friends make national newspaper!

Published on the 15th May in 'The Observer' magazine and 'The Guardian' online (click here for the link to the full article), Meg was delighted to be interviewed by Rebecca Nicholson who visited her at home to find out more about why she feels so passionate about seasonal British flowers grown locally.

As the current Co-Chair for the not-for-profit membership organisation Flowers from the Farm, she leads a growing number of artisan flower farmers that aim to change the way we think about the flowers we choose.

Anyone that knows Meg will be aware this is a life-long passion, from her simple sweet pea posies grown in her Chorleywood garden to the abundant floral wedding flowers chosen for nuptials in 2000 and the now extensive farm house gardens and flower field when she grows and provides flowers for her many customers today.

Its a great article and encourages you to find your local flower farmer, you can visit to find out more.