Will’s Organic Pork

Update *** Spring 2022 ***

We have paused our pig rearing program for the time being. We adore pigs, their characterful behaviour a joy to work with, the pork we have produced over the last few years second to none. But to do the job properly we need to establish breeding sows and this is complicated by the need for a boar, a step too far for us just at the moment!


Our herd of pigs are the newest members of the farm. They never fail to amuse and challenge us with their playful and sociable nature. Looking back at our social media post over the last couple of years, you can see why!

A cross of rare breeds including Oxford Sandy & Black, Gloucester Old Spot and Tamworth, we raise our pigs in small family groups. They grow naturally without stress, expressing their inquisitive behaviour, rooting through our organic land. Their food includes sprouted grains (grown here on the farm), much like a porridge, which keeps them healthy and lean.

Rearing a small herd of pigs throughout the year means that there are lots of occasions to try one of our particularly succulent and tasty pork joints. This meat never disappoints.

If you have questions or would like to know more about how we rear our livestock, please don’t hesitate to contact us.