Roots News 3rd May 2020

On the 8th May 1945 millions of people across the world celebrated the Allied victory in Europe following the formal act of military surrender being signed in Germany. The day was declared a public bank holiday and the parties began. The scenes of those days are iconic. Of course, for many the day was one of bittersweet celebration, many in mourning for loved ones, homes and livelihoods destroyed, others still engaged in combat in the Far East. Captured in photographs at the time, the faces of the people in the crowds are joyous but weary, with still so much more to come.

The street parties were legendary – food was frugal but fun. Home baked cakes, sandwiches, scones, jam and cream an opportunity to share in the spirit of the community coming together. So, here is a little challenge …

Fruits scones for VE Day 75 recipe

We will pause on Friday this week at 11am (for two minutes silence in reflection and remembrance) and then again at 3pm for a toast ‘To those who gave so much, we thank you’, the images of those days will be in our minds.

A question, do any of you reading this newsletter have stories or memories of the actual day itself? Maybe as a young child or even as a story passed from that generation to this – if so, we hope that you could get in touch and tell us, this is something we would like to share on Friday; call us on 01905 421104 or email

In the meanwhile, we hope that you will enjoy this image of ‘Pig’, some of you may have met her, she is a special member of our Roots family, now three years old her baby photos still rate as the highest ‘liked’ on our social media pages! We are indeed very much looking forward to meeting you all again and until then we hope that you will enjoy making your own tea party to celebrate VE DAY 75.