Roots News Apr 5th

Short news tonight as we have not only peaked in box orders, collections, deliveries and baking this week but also lambing and as we write, we have orphans who need our attention as much as everyone else! Our eleven-year-old son brought his first lamb into the world on Friday evening, his small hands gently easing the lamb from the ewe. As he blew into its mouth, the lamb opened her eyes and shook her head taking her first breath and he felt the overwhelming pride and privilege that farmers new and old feel, even in tough times, at that very special moment. Back in the farmhouse, he tearfully talked his siblings through the event saying “I don’t know how Dad does this every day, it is emotionally exhausting” … he doesn’t know the half of it!

Baking this week reminded us again how completely connected we are at Roots to the food we grow and make. We baked four times the amount of bread we have ever made in a 14-hour production schedule and STILL didn’t have enough. We’re sorry if you were disappointed or only received one of the loaves you may have ordered. We will do our best again in the week ahead. We have also promised that when this madness subsides slightly, we will tell more of the story of our bread and flour and why we feel what we are producing is worthwhile (and worth the wait!).

Those of you who know us well recognise that we produce organic meat and poultry on a scale that cannot be quickly changed. This can be frustrating for new customers. We have always sold our meat ‘in balance’, meaning that we have a short supply of prime cuts and a more plentiful supply of casseroling and braising meat. A case in point is this Easter weekend, when traditionally a large roasting joint would be the centre piece of a family meal. Could we suggest that this extra-ordinary Easter feast may be one around a delicious lamb hotpot or shepherds pie? We will put recipes on our website this week!

We will continue this week with deliveries and collections on Tuesday and Good Friday/Saturday, but it is likely that this will be adopt a new regime in the next week to give us and our staff a chance to have a short break with their families over Easter weekend.
Whilst we have been enjoying the last of the season’s purple sprouting broccoli, we can’t help but feel the excitement of the new asparagus season. There is a rumour that the next week or 10 days may herald its arrival … keep an eye on our news!

Lastly, we have to say thank you to everyone who has sent messages of support, encouragement, thanks and appreciation. This has been new territory for us all, but together we can do this.

Best wishes
Will & Meg