Roots News – January 2023

Winter sale of our fabulous frozen organic beef

Roots Family Farm Shop in Rushwick re-opens at 10am on Friday 20th January 2023 with a winter sale of our fabulous frozen organic beef.

Committed to selling all our home reared organic produce direct to local customers but providing prime cuts for family Christmas dinners inevitably means there are a few braising cuts, mince, stewing beef, shall we say slower cooking family meals to enjoy, here’s where you can help. Visit us THIS weekend at Roots to pick up your bargain box, offers are available for pre-order here, availability is limited. Included in the box are a few of our tasty family recipes which are suited to batch cooking. Thank you, for helping us to manage our ‘balance’ which means that we can continue to offer you the best organic meat in Worcestershire!

During our winter break Will, Meg and Florence have had the chance to join many friends from around the country at the Oxford Real Farming Conference. This was the first time the group have gathered in person for three years and it was long overdue. At this meeting of minds, they shared knowledge, experience and ideas which are often challenging, but in this time of climate crisis, the urgency of discussion was palpable. A highlight for us was the opportunity to review a recently developed report by the Sustainable Food Trust, ‘Feeding Britain from the Ground Up’ offering recommendations on how we could support a nationwide move towards sustainable and regenerative food and farming systems making available nutritious food to as many as possible. Find out more about this important work here.

Meg pictured at the RHS Spring Show, Malvern in May 2022 with fellow flower fanatics.

Meg’s tenure as Co-Chair of Flowers from the Farm, the national membership organisation for artisanal flower farming, comes to an end this month. She has been reflecting on a post that has taken her all over the UK to meet farmers, industry professionals and celebrities, influencing the focus towards British seasonal flower production. Interviewed by television, radio and in numerous national publications she has been able to share her passion for flowers and express her deeply held belief that flowers are her ‘soul-food’.

Meg explained “In the same way that a hearty family meal offers comfort and joy, an armful of garden gathered flowers and foliage can lift the spirits with colour, texture and scent. Even in these dark months, potted narcissus are flowering, hellebores are raising their heads in the garden and the winter catkins are abundant on the nut trees. Surely this is nature’s way of promising the brighter days to come.”

On the farm, Will is making plans for lambing in late April and hopes to welcome visitors to a lambing weekend for the first time. Expecting to know the results of scanning our pregnant ewes in early February we will then be able to confirm and publish dates on our website. We hope this will coincide with cherry blossom in the Upper Wick orchards, such a beautiful time of year to visit the farm.

‘Expectant mums’ grazing the orchard at Upper Wick

Before we end and leap into 2023, we wanted to take to opportunity to offer our grateful thanks for the wonderful messages of support we have received over the holidays. By the sounds of it, our Christmas produce really ‘hit the spot’ – poultry perfectly prepared, meat joints royally roasted, vegetables vibrant … OK, enough of the descriptive alliteration! You all seem to have enjoyed family feasts with Roots produce and our hard work is rewarded with this knowledge. We are very much looking forward to our 23rd year of farming, growing and providing nutritious food for our local community.

With our best wishes
Will & Meg