Roots News Mar 22nd

What an extraordinary week – this may be the understatement of the year!

This will be brief news tonight as we are still reeling from the implications of trying to help as many people as we can with their shopping; in the farm shop, collecting from the car park, by the gate, delivering to their homes … Meg has spent many hours on the telephone and every evening pinned to the computer responding individually to each query. Will has kept the produce coming forward and worked closely with our suppliers to make sure we have enough to go around. The local food supply network has pulled out all the stops and continues to deliver as much as is physically possible. In the next few days, the impact of catering closures should ease the situation and, in the meanwhile, we have been suggesting alternatives and offering cookery tips.

Over the next weeks and months, we are determined to support our many loyal customers (and a few new ones) with food, farming news and hopefully a few laughs! Anyone that knows us will realise that this challenge has come at the beginning of one of the busiest times of the year. Lambing began on Monday, the Spring flowers have started to come thick and fast, it should have been a big seed sowing week, we’d been working on our new website, but most of that (apart from the lambs that don’t stop for anything) has gone on hold while we reinvent what we can do for our customers.

And I think on the whole we’ve managed it.

Plans for this week MUST include seed sowing and at least the weather is playing its part. We will plant broad beans, some salad, beetroot, early courgettes, maybe a few peas. We have our fresh organic beef, lamb and pork returning to the shelves on Wednesday, although there is still plenty of frozen stock, particularly minced and stewing beef (have a look at our recipe for ‘Brilliant Bolognese’ and ‘Farmhouse Beef Stew’). For something really seasonal to tingle your taste buds, try some lovely local rhubarb. And if you want to give yourself the night off then why not consider one of our delicious ‘COOK’ meals, we have just updated the long list of options for this.

Tell us what sort of news you’d like to hear; tales of farming life, cookery tips, ideas for activities, local stories …

Keep safe and keep in touch!

Best wishes
Will & Meg