Roots News Mar 29th

A week of frenetic activity whilst we continue to support as many people as we can with fresh food. In the farm shop and through collection and home delivery, we have reached way beyond our normal scope of work and we have kept that fresh food coming. Just as we had reassured everyone last weekend, despite their worst fears and frustration at not being able to ‘bulk buy’, the chickens have continued to lay eggs, no one has gone without. For all those home bakers (new and old!) fabulous locally milled flour IS available – we have a distribution list that you can join, if you are on the list and you didn’t get any this weekend, we’ll be calling you on Monday.

All the people that supply us, farmers, millers, dairy, produce and grocery suppliers, ice-cream makers, … have pulled out all the stops to keep our shelves full – the local food network that we have been building for 20 years has completely come into its own, we are so very grateful to everyone and so are our customers.

Our home reared organic beef, lamb, pork, chicken and duck is available to order, just let us know what you need. The ‘family meat boxes’ that we had intended to sell through our website have given people lots of ideas and we’ll continue to supply these locally, but sold to order through the farm shop for now.

On Thursday we baked the largest amount of bread we’ve ever made. We realise that some of our customers buying real bread for the first time might need a bit of explanation on how to deal with it … we’ll try to get some ‘bread notes’ in the bags for next week – please bear with us.

Lambing continued successfully, even though sometimes it was monitored through ‘FaceTime’ – our youngest children supervised the arrival of two lambs while we were delivering food parcels ... well done kids, don’t worry you’ll be able to get back to school in September, we understand home-schooling isn’t really for us!

The Roots team has delivered everything and more this week. They have put themselves on the frontline. They have worked harder than ever, more hours in very demanding situations, they have kept smiling – thank you ‘Team Roots’, even our newest team member who has completed the picking and sowing that we feared might not happen.

So, for the week ahead we have decided to make a few changes to our normal routine in order that we can safely continue to ‘feed’ our customers. Please look at the information provided on our website referring to our changed opening hours and what we can do to help you with orders for collection or home delivery.
And finally, be assured that we are continuing to put fresh, seasonal, local and home-produced organic food & flowers at the top of our list – make sure it is at the top of yours!

Will & Meg Edmonds